Artist Statement

I have a restless spirit that waxes and wanes with a need for stimulation and a need for solitude. This constant fluctuation reflects in all areas of my life and my art. This can reflect in the medium I become obsessed with or the balance I explore between opposing themes. Favorite themes to explore are combining joyful cheery colors with rigid or melancholy subjects and balancing masculine and feminine energies.


Over the past few years my work has centered on two different mediums.


I express my joy and curiosity through textiles and fiber art with a concentration on hand sewn tapestries. Within these tapestries I focus on two main themes that complement the tapestries individual concepts. The first being the contrast between the fleeting nature of thoughts and feelings and the slow methodical repetition of hand sewing. The second is experimenting with different color combinations to portray emotions and how this can affect our relationship with the colors and the work of art as a whole.


I express my desire for connections to nature, feminine communities, and spiritual fulfillment through my hand drawn illustrations. My illustrations focus heavily on portraits with a juxtaposition between dream like realism and playful surrealist themes. I am deeply inspired by nature and strive to incorporate it into my work physically and symbolically and am always searching for ways to expand this desire. Illustration mediums I am currently exploring are graphite, micron pen, watercolor, and natural dye from flowers.


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