Amanda Bienko

In the summer of 2015 I drastically changed my life and moved to Morocco to teach art at an international school. After completion of my contract I made another leap and enrolled in a master’s course near Brighton, England. While there I completed my degree in the innovative field of Inclusive Arts Practice. The decision to move overseas is the mark that I use to define who I was before and who I am now and how those intermingle. Living overseas has impacted my life in many ways, but as an artist it forced me to work small and in a condensed manner. All of my possessions and creations had to fit into 4 suitcases. Since my return to the states my creations no longer have a size limit; however, the desire to explore concepts and compositions within these confines while maintaining my artistic identity has become a muse.


MA/Inclusive Arts Practice/University of Brighton/United Kingdom/2018

BA/Art Education/ Towson University/United States/2013


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