"This is the way back to your power"

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I opened my shop in May of 2019 as a way to save myself, love myself and find my

feminine power.

A few months before this decision I was diagnosed with a chronic illness. This illness was a physical response to the trauma of an abusive relationship I had survived. I felt lost in many aspects, but the spirit of my ancestors told me it was time to stand up for my path with my art at the forefront, this was the way

back to my power. Now I want to share this magic with my audience through my art. We all need visual reminders of our purpose, power, and magic.



My art focuses on the magic of nature, spirituality, connection, and the

spirit of the witch as a way to empower feminine magic!

A lot of my work is a direct collaboration with nature either in spirit or by using actual plants. The biggest collaborations are my illustrations that have tree ring prints. Through a special process that involves fire I transfer the pattern of tree rings onto paper and

create my visual message around it and with it.






Amanda Bienko

Art can help you embody your power