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"There is room for all of you to shine through"

I opened my shop in May of 2019 as a way to save myself, love myself and find my power.

A few months before this decision I was diagnosed with a chronic illness. This illness was a physical response to the trauma of an abusive relationship I had survived. I felt lost in many aspects, but I knew that this was the way

back to myself. It has been a journey of lessons and my greatest lesson is your personal power & flow is in your uniqueness! There is room for all of you to shine through and that is what I try to honor for my customers through my work.


My art focuses on the whimsical, weird, spiritual, and sensual aspects of life like

 magic, nature, love,

connection, and community.

A lot of my work is a collaboration with nature either in my concepts or by using actual nature in my work like plants. My biggest plant collaborations are my illustrations that have tree ring prints. Through a special process that involves fire I transfer the pattern of tree rings onto paper and

create my visual message around it and with it.







Amanda Bienko

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